Meet Daniel

Daniel Jolliff is the designer and artist behind 1147clothing. From PA to LA to NY, Daniel has been a part of all different styles and walks of life while working with different designers along the way. Daniel is most know for his custom, handmade jackets and distressed band tees. Working 1 on 1 with each client to design a piece that communicates your individuality and creativity. 

1147clothing was born in NYC during the summer of 2017.


This is NOT corporate Fashion! This is a solo artist doing exactly what he loves in order to praise your individuality. Each jacket is a combination of different styles to bring you your own personal high end design. 

1147clothing has been a long journey and a real blessing to see the cult like support I've been met with. The art I create is filled with passion, love and sacrifice. This is my dream and I'm so grateful I get to live it every single day.

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New York, New York